Proactive 4

The smart and simple way
to manage your
business processes

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Stop chasing your data
Proactive 4
brings it home

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Development and
made easy

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The Proactive concept

Users shouldn't waste precious time and energy in the endless pursuit of updates and data. Instead, the information should come to them in real-time.
Proactive 4 brings it home.

Development & Management

Proactive 4 is an application environment, which enables organizations to easily develop and manage processes and methodologies in an easy and simple way.
Proactive 4 gives you so much more.

Make the right decision

Proactive 4 helps to make the right decision with the right information in wider context of the business processes or events, promoting business effectiveness and efficiency.
Proactive 4 Make real time decisions.

BPM for All

Proactive 4 opens a whole new world of process management and delivers unmatched services and offers great value for projects of all sizes.
Proactive 4 supplies all your needs.

Why Proactive?

  • Flexibility, simplicity and speed - build, establish and manage proactive applications, without prior knowledge of programming and code development
  • Once complex, now easy - Manage inter-organizational intricate workflows and multiple levels of users' permits, decision nodes and conditioning
  • Information transparency - with outside parties (suppliers, vendors and customers)
  • Complete synchronization - all information systems within the organization are in sync, as well as external organizational information systems

Our Customers - Proactive 4 serves a wide range of customers in a variety of industrial sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Metal, Plastics, Chemicals, Export, Import and Service providers